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"The Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable" is the First Greek Fantasy Film ever made,based in a greek comic book.It is set in the World of Elebros,from the award winning Greek Comic Book series "The Dragonphoenix Chronicles" by comic book artist Yannis Roumboulias.


The Film was completed having a budget of just 10.000 Euros,which were gathered with the method of Crowdfunding.


Ιn an Age of Darkness,the mighty Dragonphoenix Empire rules the World of Elebros with an iron fist.

Dragar,a mighty warrior from the North,is a slave,taking part in brutal pit fights for the pleasure of the Empire's noblemen.His body is there,but his mind is back at his homeland and the wife he left behind.

Dragar manages to escape captivity and takes hostage the daughter of a General,the spoiled Valeria.The General sets up a manhunt to bring back his daughter.

The way back home will be filled with dangers and difficulties for Dragar and the spoiled Valeria.Dragar will have to face the past,the present and the dark future which lies ahead but he shall be..Indomitable.


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