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Yannis Roumboulias - Dragar

Yannis Roumboulias (also one of the writers of the script,concept artist,and creator and artist of the "Dragonphoenix Chronicles" comic book series) will be playing Dragar,the savage yet Indomitable warrior from the North,who will never give up until he returns to his wife and his homeland.

Yannis has been into writing and acting since 2005,and has participated in various short and feature films.

He was the main character in the latest award winning short film "Troglodytes"(dir. Thanos Kermitsis).

This will be the 5th film in which he collaborates with the director of the film,Thanos Kermitsis.

Constantina Georganta - Valeria

Constantina Georganta is Valeria, the noble yet spoiled daughter of General Akilonius.She is abducted by Dragar and forced to follow him until he reaches his homeland and finds out how dangerous the world is,outside the walls of her estate..

Constantina is a young and promising actress,and has participated in various theatrical plays and tv series since 2008.

This will be her debut in a feature film.

Meletis Georgiadis - Akilonius

Meletis Georgiadis will be playing the mighty General Akilonius.Α Veteran General of the Empire,Akilonius is a cruel man,who doesn't like to lose and will do anything to protect his Family and his House.The Abduction of his daughter will make him begin the hunt for Dragar..

Meletis is a seasoned and well known actor in Greece,having participated in over 25 feature and short films,and is also known from the films "Evil"(2005,dir Yorgos Noussias) and "Evil: In the time of Heroes"(2009,dir.Yorgos Noussias),which he starred alongside Billy Zane.

Georgia Giannakoudi - Brenna

Georgia Giannakoudi is Brenna, the beautiful wife of Dragar,which hasn’t seen her husband for 4 long years,since his captivity.

Georgia has been into acting since 2008 and has participated in theatrical plays and films,the latest being “Greenfish”(2010 feature film by Yannis Paraskevopoulos).

Kiriakos Korogiannis - Octavius

Kiriakos Korogiannis is Octavius,the son of General Akilonius and brother to Valeria.He joins the hunt for Dragar and his sister,aiding his father,trying to prove himself in his father's eyes.

Kiriakos has participated since 1999 in theatrical plays,short films and tv series and has shown great promise.

This will be his first feature film.

Thanos Kermitsis - Falco

Thanos Kermitsis (also director and writer of the film) will be playing Falco, Akilonius’s right hand man,who follows him ,trying to track down Valeria and Dragar.

Mostly directing,Thanos won’t miss a chance to get into acting when he can.

He has directed 7 films(many of which have won awards in greek and international festivals),and as an actor he has participated in 8 films.

George Mpougos - Flavius

George Mpougos will be playing Flavius,the Slave Trader and owner of Dragar,trying to gain coin,glory and status for himself.

George is a seasoned actor with 18 years of experience in theater, television and short films, and this will be his first feature film.

Aris Kaplanidis - Fulgrim

Aris Kaplanidis will be playing the mysterious Fulgrim…

Despite being mostly a director as well,Aris has participated in many short films and feature films as an actor,and has worked with Thanos Kermitsis in many films,both as an actor,and as cinematographer.

Vasilis Logios - Otto

Vasilis Logios is mainly a comic book artist based in Greece,but he has also participated in films as an actor working both with Aris Kaplanidis and Thanos Kermitsis in the past.

Vasilis will be playing Otto,one of the personal guards of Flavius.

Thanos Liakos - Volf

Thanos Liakos will be playing Volf, guard of Flavius and close friend of Otto.

Thanos has worked with Thanos Kermitsis and the rest of the team of Underworld Films, in films both as an actor and as stunt coordinator.

Konstantina Tatsi - Ilsarel

Konstantina is a young actress and has participated in various short films,and is also a big fan of the fantasy genre.This will be her first feature film.

As for the role that she’ll be playing,that will not yet be revealed..


Thanos Kermitsis - Director

Thanos Kermitsis was born in 1985 in Athens.

With a Degree in Public Administration from Panteion University,

he also graduated from the Post-Production Department in Intergraphics:College of Digital Technologies in Applied & Fine Arts.

He has worked as an Assistant Director, Film Editor and Camera Operator in the Production Companies MachineOff and STEFI in Greece.

He graduated from New York College,Athens,( Film & Tv Studies department),in 2010.

He has directed Feature films, as well as Short Films,many of which have won Awards in both Greek and International Festivals,and has also worked in various Short and Feature Films as an Assistant Director,Film Editor,Director of Photography and Actor.

Anthony "Axe" Apostolou- Director of Photography

Anthony Apostoloy was born in 1987 in Athens.

He has studied at New York College,Athens (Film & Tv Studies Department).

He has directed short films but mainly has acted as a Director of Photography.

He was the Director of Photography in the award winning short films "Troglodytes" (dir. Thanos Kermitsis) and "Shadow Beyond Time" (dir. John Tzouvelekis).

Haris Gioulatos - Assistant Director

Haris Gioulatos was born in Athens.

He has graduated from New York College (Film & Tv Studies Department) and from Bachelor of Film Studies Department in Greenwich University,London.

He has been involved in various short films as a director,actor,assistant director and cinematographer.

Antonis Koutelias -Sound Recordist/Sound Designer

Antonis Koutelias was born in Athens in 1985.

He has graduated from the Audio Engineering Department in SAE Institute, Athens.

He has worked in many Feature Films, Documentaries and Short Films, most of them Award Winning ("Troglodytes" and "Remnant" by Thanos Kermitsis, and "Shadow Beyond Time" by John Tzouvelekis).


Maria Iliaki - Makeup Artist

Maria Iliaki was born in Athens in 1990.

She has studied at State College as Makeup Artist (specialist cosmetic applications ).

She has worked in short films and music videos and this will be her first work in a Feature Film.

Mei Karamanidi - Set Designer

Mei was born in Japan but lives and works in Athens.

She has studied Styling in Greece and Stage and Costume Design in Rome.

She was the Set Designer in the Award winning short film "Troglodytes" (dir. Thanos Kermitsis).

Dimitris Papavasileiou - Music Composer

He was born in Athens, on 1979. Today, he lives and works in Levadia as a Civil Engineer, while at the same time he is also involved in music and film creation.

He has composed music for the Feature Film "Super Demetrios".

Louiza Karamouzi - Costume Designer

Louiza Karamouzi was born in Athens in the late 80's.

She graduated from a Fashion Design Course at Pan Sik and she has a Interior design diploma.

Louiza started her career as partner/Dressmaker making custom clothing for women in her home by order.

Τhe DragonPhoenix Chronicles : Indomitable is her first major step in  Film Costume Design.

Kostis Antoninis,Babis Lolas - Special Effects,Prosthetics,Props

Kostis Antoninis and Babis Lolas are members of "NobudgetFX/NBFX" Team which was founded on 2009.

Both are fans of Horror and Fantasy Films and have worked on various Short Films and Theatre Productions.

"Indomitable" will be the second Feature Film in which they participate.

Vangelis Papaevangeliou - Visual  Effects

Vangelis Papaevangeliou was born in Athens in 1984.

He has directed  Short Films, Feature Films and Music Videos and is also involved with Visual Effects.


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